Magic Bread

loaf of bread fresh from the oven

When my partner and I moved in together, we both moved from apartments where we didn’t have a kitchen. I was excited by the idea of having a place to cook with a full-size fridge and an oven. I bought cooking gadgets I knew we’d need like a spatula for Sunday morning pancakes and a garlic press for almost everything else.

I waited for a Williams Sonoma sale and splurged on a large, shiny, stainless steel pan with a lid. It’s a gorgeous piece of kitchen equipment and I love it. The other cooking implement I bought was this Dutch oven. As a vegan I have to watch that I am getting enough iron and I read that cooking in a cast iron pot/pan was a good way to go about it.

I was excited to get the Dutch oven when it arrived. It’s heavy so I cleared space for it on a bottom shelf. I made a folder of soup recipes and easy one pot meals I could cook in my new Dutch oven. For two years I never used it! I was about to give it away when I found this recipe from Pinch of Yum for Miracle NO knead bread.

I knew I had to try it at least once before giving up on my Dutch oven. I’m so glad I did because it came out so beautifully that I made it again a few days later.

two halves of a loaf of warm bread, fresh from the oven
pulling apart warm bread

The recipe is simple. Just flour, salt, yeast and water, the foundation for all great bread. I used bread flour, which has more protein than all purpose flour. I also found this recipe from Contentedness Cooking that uses buckwheat flour, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Word of warning, find a recipe that fits the flour you have. All purpose and bread flour can usually be used interchangeably. But, all purpose gluten-free flour typically cannot be substituted and produce the same results.

To make this bread, start 15 hours before you want to eat it. I made it at 2 pm and baked it for breakfast the next day. Another time I made it at 6 pm and baked it for lunch.

Pro tip- the Dutch oven is heavy and hot. During the last 15 minutes of baking, you remove the lid. To make sure I didn’t accidentally touch it, I covered it with towels and a sign…

Don’t touch, it’s hot!

The second time I tried this bake, when the buzzer went off, I opened the oven door and left the Dutch oven inside for another 10 minutes. This gave the crust an extra crispiness that I really liked. It also gave the oven a chance to cool down before I took it out.

I love instant gratification so I served this bread warm. I ripped the loaf into quarters, slathered it with vegan whipped butter and honey from my garlic honey container. I even put a few small pieces of garlic on one chunk of bread and it added a nice flavor.

This really is magic bread. It takes four minutes to make the dough and it tastes as delicious as any artisan bread from a high end shop. If you make it, I’d love to know.

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Home cook, baker, and dessert maker. Will travel great distances for a fantastic veggie burger.

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