I’m Marya and I like to bake.

I was raised vegetarian by a hippie mom who did her best to make lentil loaf, sprouted brown bread, and homemade yogurt taste appealing to a five year old. I didn’t grow up learning how to cook. There weren’t many veggie cookbooks, just The Farm paperback and some macrobiotic cookbooks with no pictures. Vegan and vegetarian cuisine has come a long way since then and I’m grateful.

For most of my adulthood I lived without a kitchen. I ate dorm food and Taco Bell in college, tried a raw food diet when I lived on Maui, and ate croissants and cous cous when I lived in Paris. Now I spend most of my time in the kitchen, teaching myself how to cook.

I’ve noticed the wide variety of recipes available on the web. Some are simple, easy to follow, easy to adapt, and taste great even if you substitute an ingredient or two. Many have been epic fails, even when I faithfully follow the recipe.

I created this blog to document my journey as a home cook and to help others sift through the countless recipes floating around on the web. I’ll eagerly share any hits and winners and honestly share my fails and misses. Bon appetit.

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