Chocolate Silk Pudding

For years I avoided tofu because of conflicting reports about how it affects women’s breast health and reports that overall women get too much soy. I drink soy milk in my coffee every morning, so I thought that should be my only soy product and I avoided all tofu products. Recently, I decided to giveContinue reading “Chocolate Silk Pudding”

Fudgy Sweet Potato Pudding

I put a sweet potato in a steamer basket intending to use it for lunch, but it didn’t steam in time for my sweet potato, black bean, vegan cheese, and quinoa quesadillas. Lunch was still yummy, but I wanted to use the sweet potato for something that would last a few days, since we weren’tContinue reading “Fudgy Sweet Potato Pudding”

Vegan Irish Soda Bread with Carrots, Currants, & Pumpkin Seeds

In honor of the latest season of the Great British Bake Show, I am making a vegan version of one of the dishes presented on the show each week. This week I made Irish soda bread. I’m not sure I have ever had it before, but somehow it seems like a familiar bread. I’ve certainlyContinue reading “Vegan Irish Soda Bread with Carrots, Currants, & Pumpkin Seeds”

Vegan Florentines

I’m thrilled that another season of the Great British Baking Show has come to Netflix. The show was delayed this year because of Covid-19. It’s a joy to have another season. To celebrate, I am making one veganized bake from each week’s show. Week 2 featured “biscuits,” or what Americans would call “cookies”. I’d neverContinue reading “Vegan Florentines”

Turmeric, Ginger, Carrot, and OJ Smoothie

I don’t have a Vitamix. My sister and her hubby got one as a wedding present. She raved about it and then stopped using it, which tends to be what happens with kitchen appliances. I am sure that it would be an amazing tool and so far I just can’t justify spending $500+ on aContinue reading “Turmeric, Ginger, Carrot, and OJ Smoothie”

Vegan Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Banana Bread

By luck or happenstance this recipe was one of the first vegan baked goods I came across in 2018 when I moved into a place with a kitchen. It was so easy to make and so delicious I thought all vegan recipes on the web were going to work out this well. Not so! ThisContinue reading “Vegan Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Banana Bread”

Chocolate Covered Coconut Bliss Balls

Some days you just need some bliss balls. I like to make these in the afternoon, have a few as soon as the outer chocolate shell hardens, and then finish them off for breakfast the next morning. Who says you can’t roll your oats in chocolate and call it breakfast? This is a very forgivingContinue reading “Chocolate Covered Coconut Bliss Balls”

Banana Chocolate Walnut Muffins

Just trying saying those words without getting hungry. Bananas, chocolate chips, and walnuts, all mixed up into delicious, sweet muffins. This is one of my favorite “go to” recipes. It’s easy to make, takes only 22 minutes to bake, and tastes yummy every time. I adapted my recipe from the fabulous book 150 Vegan Muffins.Continue reading “Banana Chocolate Walnut Muffins”

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