Marya Makes It

A home cook tries vegan recipes and shares the best ones
with you

Wondering what to make for dinner (or dessert)?

Me too! There are so many recipes on the web, countless food blogs, and thousands of cookbooks. It can be overwhelming. I’ve tried hundreds of recipes from dozens of bloggers and books and had varying success. It can be frustrating to search for the perfect recipe, shop for ingredients, prepare a meal, and not have it turn out right. Even using recipes from well known chefs, I’ve thrown away many batches of rubbery cookies, salty marinades, and mushy rice dishes.

I started this blog to document my recipe journey. Along the way I’ll share the successful recipes with you, so you can try them at home. I’ll also help steer you away from popular recipes that are hard to recreate at home. Every meal should taste as good as the recipe looks. Let’s cook!

Healthy meals, easy to prepare

If you are interested in recipes that are vegan, sometimes gluten-free, low sugar, easy-to-prepare and delicious, then you are in the right place. Poke around and find something yummy.

Here’s what Marya Makes:

  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Low sugar
  • Easy to prepare
  • Not expensive
  • No crazy ingredients

Find your next favorite dish

Marya Makes It

Have a favorite dish to share? Grandma’s recipe? A recipe you found on the web that you’re curious to try? Suggest it. Marya might make it.

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